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I’ll share my reflections on the learning process of my Software Development studies at Academy Xi, including my final project called

What did I learn in this period?

After completing my Vanilla JavaScript project, it was time to move on. During this new learning period, I entirely focused on, arguably, the most popular open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces nowadays, It started with the and an intro to Right after that, it dug deeper into each of the React must-know concepts, such as Cthe and

I’ll share my reflections on the learning process of my Software Engineering studies, including my project called .

What was this learning period about?

This period focused on the main programming language of the web: . It started with all the fundamentals such as variables, comparisons, conditionals, and logical operators. Then, it jumped on everything related to , and . With all the tools learned from those topics, the course introduced , and an introduction to , including . Finally, I did a project involving almost all the concepts above mentioned.

I encountered the…

I’ll share my thoughts on my learning process during my first two weeks of studying Software Engineering.

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I found these two weeks pretty challenging due to the wide variety of tools and the short amount of time to digest them all. There were plenty of topics covered in this phase, which they call the . It started with the set-up of the environment tools and then the essentials of the Command Interface Line CIL, Git, GitHub, HTML, CSS, a brief intro to JavaScript, and finally, a project that includes the creation of a webpage through the utilisation of all…

It’s the late ’90s, and my school finally includes IT subjects in its curriculum. I’m an introverted but untiringly curious boy, excited about the idea of digging into these new “toys”. The class is divided into two sections: The first section of the class is about learning how to use Microsoft Office tools such as Word and PowerPoint (later, they introduced Excel). I have to say I loved those classes, but the second section woke up something special from my deepest inside.

What is this!? A turtle! And I can type code to make the turtle move and leave traces…

Harold Torres Marino

I'm a Software Engineering student in the process of a career change.

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