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I will share my reflections about phase 1 of the Software Engineering program that I am taking at Academy Xi.

What was phase 1 about?

This phase focused on the main programming language of the web: JavaScript. It started with all the fundamentals such as variables, comparisons, conditionals, and logical operators. Then, it jumped on everything related to Functions, Scopes and Data Structures. With all the tools learned from those topics, the course introduced DOM manipulation, Events, Communication with the Server, Asynchronous JavaScript, Context, and an introduction to OOP, including Inheritance. Finally, I had to do a project involving almost all the concepts above mentioned.

I will share my thoughts about phase 0 of the Software Engineering program that I am taking at Academy Xi.

Photo by Roman Synkevych on Unsplash

The learning process, in general, was gratifying. It started with an orientation session where we learned a little more about the program, the instructor and my classmates. We were informed of the contents and requirements to complete each phase successfully, among others. From my standpoint, it was a great start, as having the first class without knowing these things would be a step back in the adaptation process to this new course.

Another aspect of the course that I thoroughly…

It’s the late ’90s, and my school finally includes IT subjects in its curriculum. I’m an introverted but untiringly curious boy, excited about the idea of digging into these new “toys”. The class is divided into two sections: The first section of the class is about learning how to use Microsoft Office tools such as Word and PowerPoint (later, they introduced Excel). I have to say I loved those classes, but the second section woke up something special from my deepest inside.

What is this!? A turtle! And I can type code to make the turtle move and leave traces…

Harold Torres

I'm a Software Engineering student in the process of a career change.

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